Xero Mesa Trail Review

xero terraflex reviews

We were very impressed with the ground feel, but protection that the TerraFlex offers. If you want an OCR shoe that is minimalist and zero drop, then these are a great pair of xero terraflex reviews shoes that I would recommend. The shoes feel pretty sturdy and would be ideal if you were going on a long hike where you wanted to do some running in addition to some hiking.

xero terraflex reviews

It should feel as though it is a natural extension of your foot. There should be no hot spots, no slipping heels, no clunky sole, nothing that reminds income statement you “hey, there’s a shoe on my foot”. Around this same time every running shoe company under the sun released their version of a “barefoot” shoe.

Most of my hiking has been in the Southeastern US. I hike throughout the year but actually enjoy late fall or early spring the most with some winter hiking mixed in. I don’t like the hot and humid weather of summer unless I can escape to the mountains where it is cooler.

They were also really breathable—my feet didn’t overheat or feel very sweaty. While some people wear these without socks, I wore a thin pair of hiker trainer socks. You can add thicker socks, if needed, during the colder weather. Everything I expected to feel in this shoe was the complete opposite of my traditional experience with minimal/barefoot shoes. The heel collar of the Xero TerraFlex is quite cushioned, which is something I often find lacking in minimal/barefoot shoes. But most notable, in my opinion, was the fact that the TerraFlex maintained it’s minimal feel without also feeling stiff or clunky. The Bareform sole and FeelTrue rubber gives the same soft ride of much more cushioned shoes, without actually being overly cushioned.

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Initial impressions were good with the shoe fitting well, the lugs on the shoe looking aggressive and the minimal insole, which doesn’t add weight when wet. I’m committed to a barefoot style shoe because they help keep my knees aligned properly, which eliminates knee pain on long hikes. Xero shoes give me the barefoot feel but being over 65, I needed a bit more padding between the ground and my feet than other barefoot type shoes offered. The TerraFlex fits like the Prio, and has a wider toe box than conventional women’s shoes. If your feet are particularly wide, consider the Men’s TerraFlex. Just make sure to adjust the size by 1.5 (for example, a men’s 8 is the same length as a women’s 9.5). The shoe is designed with plenty of room in the toe box and front of the shoe to allow the toes plenty of room to spread out.

xero terraflex reviews

The TerraFlex is not waterproof and has lots of mesh-like material in the uppers for high breathability and quick drying. The rest of the upper also uses man-made material but is a solid greenish brown type material. The toe bumper area is made of a similar material but is black. The sole is made of 5.5 mm FeelTrue rubber but has an embedded 3 mm Barefoam insole for more comfort and protection.

Apparently the brief showers were not enough to wash the dust off the rocks and they became very slick. I do think the flexible sole of the TerraFlex improved my foot grip on uneven surfaces but on flat rocks it was almost like skating on ice. I was very glad I had my trekking poles with me. My feet also felt a little tired after the first days hiking but surprisingly, felt great the next morning, and the hike up the mountain did not make them feel tired. The shoe is designed to allow for plenty of toe movement yet at the same time utilizing the reflective heel and instep straps to help lock in those areas of the foot. It is also a pretty flexible shoe which allows the foot to move freely and mold to any terrain encountered.

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It’s a great choice when rocky terrain or long distances would make barefoot or more extreme minimalist options too slow or painful, or otherwise impractical. I could stand a half size larger but my toes never felt like they were being uncomfortable squeezed. I would occasionally feel a small rock or root in the trail but most of the time they went unnoticed. They really do flex in relation to the shape of the terrain, allowing my feet to hug the ground as I walked over uneven surfaces.

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Review: Xero Shoes Terraflex

After a good rinse I swung them back and forth to get most of the water in the heel area and squeezed all the water I could from the shoes. I then set them on the deck in full sun and they dried in about 4 hours. I have continued to be impressed with the comfort of the Xero TerraFlex shoes. In all my hiking I never experience any rubbing or toe pinch and certainly no blisters. This is quite remarkable when taking into account that most of my trail miles were on steep terrain and often on solid rock or hard roots. Here are a couple of photos of typical trail conditions. I enjoy hiking with family and friends but also hike solo occasionally.

  • Here are a couple of photos of typical trail conditions.
  • Most minimalist shoes have a very thin flexible sole, are lightweight, and don’t have an elevated heel.
  • I definitely felt every root and rock, and so learned to pick my foot placement differently very quickly.
  • The tread on the sole of the Xero TerraFlex is not wildly aggressive.
  • I don’t want to take them off,” one customer wrote for the TerraFlex Trail Running and Hiking Shoe.

If you don’t see a disclosure policy on a blog or review site, that reviewer may be violating the law or acting unethically. I love them like the last 3 pair of Xero shoes I bought. I am payroll on my feet 12 hours a day and Xero shoes treat my feet better than any shoes I have ever owned. I am all done with “shoes that provide great support” as they bend my feet to fit them.

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That’s quite a difference and it feels it on the foot. They are so flexible and you would be forgiven if you thought they would be flimsy but they are not. Fit –Fits much better than the Prio and toes don’t feel crunched at the end with lots of room to spread your toes. The shoe opening is snugly enclosed but not overly tight.

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In this special segment, we’re hosting a competitive duel between Xero Shoes and Vivobarefoot. To help readers make a more informed purchase, we’ve compiled a list of similarities and differences for each of these two brands. Compared to your regular heels and flip flops, Xero Shoes are definitely more comfortable and flexible. This is all due to their patented technology that is evident throughout all of their designs. Designed for jumping, stretching, or running, the Prio Running and Fitness Shoe are intended for athletic life.

Yeah, when you think of a traditional shoe like your leather work shoe, those shoes only bend at the toe and they don’t mold to the surfaces underneath them. The Xero Shoes, Terraflex shoes, they move with your foot and they move with the surfaces, but without causing you discomfort because the soles are nice and thick. And it was summer in New Zealand, and winter in Canada. So I grabbed these shoes, put them on, they felt amazing as soon as I tried them on.

There is plenty of room in this shoe, but the upper design allows it to be cinched down for my narrow-footed friends. The TerraFlex also has a zero drop platform, which every shoe should have. However, if your foot is especially narrow consider ordering the women’s TerraFlex. The upper dries relatively quickly, but at the same time runs a little warmer than my Altra Lone Peaks.

This was especially noticeable on the hard rocky creek bed, whether I was in or out of the water. Its wider toe box allows toes to spread out and accommodates a more “natural,” forefoot-striking running gait. And that’s what they’re designed for, they’re designed for the trails so I know people use them for trail running. So it’s good to know that you can wear them whatever you’re doing, pretty much even in a little bit of snow by the sounds of it.

Curated running advice, news, and perspectives for people who love to lace up. Do not expect tons of ankle or arch support with this shoe. If you need more ankle support, look into Xero’sDaylite Hiker.

My feet get tender, especially on mountain terrain. One foot after longer hikes the ball of my foot is in pain.

A foot type is a high arch foot or a flat foot, so that to me is a foot type it’s not necessarily a problem. Other people may have differing opinions on that of course. But a foot problem to me would be something if you’ve got a sharp shooting pain in that foot or a dull ache that doesn’t go away that stops you from doing a particular activity.

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